About us

SPIRE Bioventures' partners have extensive and complementary experience in the health sciences industry. The SPIRE Bioventures mentors are dedicated equity partners who work together in a closed network, serving companies as international consultants, advisors and board members. Spire Bioventures facilitates key transitions across a company’s lifecycle. The SPIRE Bioventures’ expertise spans from the medical field with Doctors at Stanford, UCSF, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona to corporations such as Philips Medical Systems, Covidien and various other companies and government agencies. Our professionals have been involved in successful ventures (IPOs, Acquisitions and profitable companies).

The unique SPIRE Bioventures network enables our partners to connect with each other to develop the best insights and recommendations quickly.

How we help

SPIRE Bioventures is focused on providing entrepreneurs with assistance across all areas of the life science startup lifecycle.

Access to our network of seasoned entrepreneurs with a broad set of operational skills across technology, product, strategy, management, clinical trials, go-to-market, sales, marketing, business development, finance, operations, HR, legal, & M&A Introductions to customer or partner prospects. SPIRE Bioventures and our Affiliates have a deep rolodex to C-level executives. Access to capital via SPIRE Bioventures and our Affiliate Network as well as through SPIRE’s network of other seed and early-stage investment firms.

SPIRE Bioventures has preferred partnership agreements with distributors and partners worldwide.

Founding team

Executive team