SPIRE Bioventures to collaborate with SaNOtize Research and Development Corp.

Nov, 17

The SPIRE Bioventures team is excited to join the SaNOtize Research and Development Corp. team in their quest to complete phase 2A in the Acne and Chronic Sinusitis indications. Both indications are large unmet needs.

SaNOtize is a Vancouver based company that is utilizing the unique antimicrobial and immunomodulating properties of NO to treat disease of the skin and the respiratory systems. SaNOtize has developed and patented a revolutionary non-antibiotic platform technology to treat and prevent topical infections and multifactorial diseases, including diseases caused by drug resistant microbes.  Target indications include treatment for acne, sinusitis, pharyngitis, onychomycosis, infected wounds, cold and flu and others.The company has successfully completed a phase IIa clinical trial for foot fungi infection, with a "No Objection Letter" from Health Canada.